Cortez Masto Seeks Reelection Next Year

On February 24, 2021, Senator Catherine Marie Cortez Masto stated that she is seeking election again in the year 2022. The Democratic Party Member made the announcement through an online video. She submitted documents last December to the FEC (Federal Election Commission) which indicated that she was planning to compete in reelection. Anyhow, she only made her intention public through the recently released video.

Masto stated in the video that this epidemic has been affecting Nevada badly, and that there needs to be somebody in Washington working constantly for the state. She is in a Democratic Party with majority control of the US Senate. Her party could not only work to have essential relief for schools, families, and businesses but also act on climate change, prescription drug costs, and immigration.

In 2016, Masto turned into the first Latin American to be voted into the Senate. When working as a State Attorney General (AG), Harry Mason Reid, ex-Senate Majority Leader, hired her to compete for his own seat at the time of his retirement.

She was among the few women in the shortlist of Joe Biden for a prospective running mate last year before her withdrawal from that position.

Before her 8-year-long tenure as the State Attorney General, Masto was a public prosecutor in DC.