Governor Removes Nevada’s Ban On Lyft, Uber Surge Pricing

Reno Nevada

Lyft and Uber can resume their surge pricing practices across Nevada as Governor Steve Sisolak ended a prohibition intended to stop price gouging in the epidemic period. The Democratic state governor’s order has taken effect.


A ride-hailing company, formally called a transportation network company, usually raises its prices in high demand periods. According to them, that increase encourages a greater number of drivers to work, thus reducing wait times.


Anyhow, that has been prohibited since the coronavirus epidemic’s declaration as a public health emergency last March.


Uber recently stated that the deprivation of the practice caused a lack of vehicle drivers since it reduced their earnings. That urged customers to force Nevada’s Governor Sisolak to relax the restriction.


According to the Nevada Transportation Authority (NTA), there has been a 225% increase in wait times since this March, with a few riders waiting up to 30 minutes, as per documents from the governor’s office.


In emergencies down the road, there will be just a 30-day ban on surge pricing.